Re: NANFA-- mark otnes
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 09:11:52 EDT

hey mark and other ear doc advisors...
i went w/ the 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 rubbing alcohol combo as that was all i could
remember. after mark's reciepe response i probably already had enough water
in there. :)
mineral oil sounds a good preventer before you enter the water.
hydrogen peroxide? the foaming bubbles would drive me insane! already
there... done that. and if you missed your ear you would get a white streak in your
hair! :)
that stuff was always good for cuts cause it didnt burn unlike iodine.
my dad rinses his mouth out with hydrogen peroxide... very weird tasting
it took about a day for my solution to get rid of the ache. 1 ear had been
hurting for several days.
it seems like an ear infection increases if i do any deep dives.

on another note... beyond the odd ear iffection or 2 i have gotten over the
years i have NEVER gotten sick from snorkling... and i have been in a few
waters that were posted or suspect.
yet i have gotten terrible sinus and chest infections while swimming in
public pools... in fact im recoving from a 3 day chest infection just last
thursday. maybe the chorline. never take your mask snorkling in a public pool and
inspect the 1 foot layer of " dont ask " in the deep end.
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