Re: NANFA-- Virus check
Sun, 24 Aug 2003 21:58:40 EDT

I have two e-mail addresses getting the same thing. The same two I get
Nigerian scam letters. All bounces from addresses I don't send anything to. I
checked "sent message" files but show nothing outgoing to those addresses. I
suppose a smart virus could delete local evidence of messages after sent.

Most (all?) of the addresses being bounced back to me are AOL addresses.

In a message dated 8/24/03 7:32:14 PM US Central Standard Time, writes:

<< Hey guys, I keep getting messages from people and organizations I don't
or have even heard of saying I sent them an e-mail message that was
to have a virus in it so it was rejected and sent back to me. I just
updated my virus service with the best (my) money could buy. It says I have
no virus. I know I didn't send some of these messages because they are to
people I wouldn't e-mail for any reason, some are to corporations. None are
to or
from anyone I know. I know that other people using other online services
my or very similar screen names. Evidently lot of copycats out there think
Moontanman is cool, but only I could have that name on AOL. Also none of my
online accounts are showing these strange messages, What could be up?
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