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Mon, 25 Aug 2003 13:08:04 EDT

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> I yesterday's digest I noted several messages about crayfish, since I
> currently have more tanks devoted to crayfish than I do to fish!

Hi, Brian
I read your post with interest. You responded about the crayfish request on
the NANFA e-list and it appears you are interested in crayfish as I am.
Although I don't have that many species, it's only because I don't have enough
space. As you mentioned, most crayfish species are highly cannabalistic and
therefore need room and hiding places. I do have some devil crayfish [C.diogenes],
and although I've kept them for awhile now, I have yet to get them to
reproduce. Same goes for the grassland crayfish I have - I've observed them mating,
but no eggs resulted.

Have you collected and kept dwarf crayfish [C.shufeldtii]? They're about the
only crayfish I've had that are almost, but not quite, non-cannabalistic.

Also, I have friends who live outside Doddridge [about 30 miles south of
Texarkana] there in the extreme SW corner of Arkansas who I visit on a
semi-regular basis - I was there in June this summer. I collected some devil, dwarf and
shrimp crayfish from the Red River system during my visit. I also collected
an Orconectes species of some sort, but ended up feeding fish with them as they
were too aggressive.

I'd enjoy trading collecting tales with you as I'm always looking for new &
interesting crayfish species; especially those that are colorful or remain
relatively small.


Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho
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