Re: NANFA-- Constructing a pond - for the space challenged

unclescott (
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 12:15:13 -0500

Last year Menard's sold these 20 gallon tubs for $5 and some change. I
bought several dark blue ones. They work pretty good with a pair of fish,
some daphnia amd floating plants - better if not directly in the sun. This
year I can't keep the varmints out.

At the dealer shop several years ago picked up a 40 gallon black prefab pool
for a reduced price because it was the end of the show. I think the seller
was a garden/pond place from over in St, Charles.

I left that 40 gallon in a shaded spot, berry bushes on one side, ferns on
the other. It still needs work on the surroundings, but is a very productive
daphnia machine.

Sajjad, I seem to recall that you are recently a father. The raised
containers, about 14 " might be a little safer around a little kid. That's
better too if your yard is unfenced and you have a bunch of little kids in
the area.

Remember though, if a kid can climb it, sooner or later they will.

A number of communities have ordinances about ponds, swimming pools and
fences. You might want to discreetely check.

My town has a gift for minding the business of others, but doesn't seem to
have any ordinance on ponds or tubs. I'd rather not bring too many questions
to their attention.

(I can just envision someone making a sarcastic comment about taxing the
air. The village council members look at each other in wonder, brighten and
exclaim, "AIR!".)

All the best!

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