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<< I could get into the collecting aquatic insects, I used to collect wasps,
used isopropyl alcohol to kill them. What caused me to stop was an
infestation of small beetles that ate all my wasps. There a a lot of wild
looking dragon flies around here. You could catch the aquatic larvae and
them to adulthood. >>

A guy I knew 15 years ago (he moved out of state) lost a huge collection of
insects to what he called "Museum Beetles." The 4-H displays I see at the
State Fair all have mothballs in them to keep this destroying beetle away.
Seems like all the commercially available displays also have a place for
mothballs or something similar.

I have assorted insects and dragon fly larvae that has showed up in my
daphnia pond. I have yet to see the larvae change to a flying insect. I
suppose if you had an outdoor aquarium with a screen lid and something above
water for them to land on could be worked out.

Thanks for the isopropyl alcohol tip. I don't think they have outlawed that

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