NANFA-- skinny fish dying update

Bonnie Ullmann (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:03:38 -0700

Hello, all.
Our fish pathologist here at UO has given us a little more information on
the problem of fish wasting away and dying.

Here's a modified version what was sent out:

>We think that the cause of the shinny fish..... is a
microsporidian infection.
The major pathway for the spread of microsporidian infections is thought to
be by ingesting of dead fish that are already infected with the organisms
or debris or spores derived from dead fish.
..... skinny fish should be removed as soon as
possible from any and all tanks.<

I distinguish a "skinny" fish when it's head and gills look bigger than the
body posterior to the gills. I hope that by now anyone that had skinny fish
dying when we started this discussion hasn't still got a problem. Our
problem has always gone away if we take out the sick fish (which have never
recovered, in our sad experience).
Good luck.


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