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Dave Neely (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:29:05 CDT


>What fish other than Salmon, trout and sculpin are native to Western
>Washington fresh water?

Asterisk denotes Columbia Basin only (in W Washington- may be in other
drainages outside of state)

Lampetra ayresi
Lampetra richardsoni
Lampetra tridentata
Acipenser medirostris
Acipenser transmontanus
Prosopium coulteri*
Prosopium williamsoni
Spirinchus thaleichthys
Thaleichthys pacificus
Novumbra hubbsi
Acrocheilus alutaceus*
Couesius sp cf plumbeus
Mylocheilus caurinus
Ptychocheilus oregonensis
Rhinichthys cataractae "complex"
Rhinichthys falcatus*
Rhinichthys osculus "complex"
Richardsonius balteatus "complex"
Siphateles sp cf bicolor "columbianus"*
Catostomus sp cf catostomus "Salish sucker"
Catostomus columbianus*
Catostomis macrocheilus
Percopsis transmontanus*
Lota lota*
Gasterosteus aculeatus "complex"
Cymatogaster aggregata
Platichthys stellatus

No salmonids or cottids included, as per request.
Info from Wydoski and Whitney 1979 and Lee et al. 1980. Reflects recent
taxonomic changes (eg, use of Siphateles for the "bicolor complex) and some
undescribed taxa.

If I missed any I'm sure Jay will let me know ;)


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