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Dave Neely (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 09:03:57 CDT


>Some of these names don't even ring a bell. Especially this one:
>Siphateles sp. cf bicolor "columbianus." And suddenly to my horror, >I
>can't find my copy of "Inland Fishes of Washington! I have never >lost a
>book before and I am terrified that I left it in my truck >which is now in
>the shop being repaired, and I won't get
>it back for about a month.

A recent phylogenetic analysis of western minnows (Simons and Mayden 1998)
did not support a monophyletic Gila. In other words, the fishes placed in
Gila are not more closely related to each other than they are to something
else. The "Gila" bicolor complex (at least 6 species, including the
Columbia/Snake River "columbianus") was one of the taxa that fell outside
"Gila." The generic name Siphateles is available for the tui chub complex,
and should be used in place of Gila. "Gila" copei from the Bonneville Basin
is another one- the generic name Snyderichthys is available for it. There's
some evidence that the population of S. copei in the upper Snake River
drainage may represent an undescribed species (fin ray and scale counts),
but we haven't been able to get fresh material for genetic analysis.


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