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Dave Neely (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 20:39:20 CDT


>Dave, what's the source for this information (Simons and Mayden >1998)?

Simons, A.M. and R.L. Mayden. 1998. Phylogenetic relationships of the
western North American phoxinins as inferred from mitochondrial 12S and 16S
mtDNA sequences (Actinopterygii: Cyprinidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and
Evolution 9:308-329.

They also have a paper this year in Copeia 1999(1):13-21 on basal
relationships among all NA cyprinids. The Snyderichthys ref was in the same
authors' 1997 paper in Cladistics 13:187-205.

I can send you photocopies of these if you don't have ready access.

>And what did they say about Gila bicolor of Oregon. Are all the
> >subspecies now considered species?

No, not all. Phil Harris did his PhD at OSU on tui chub systematics, and
took a job here as our molecular lab manager. I've been doing some
distribution maps for him... and there's at least 5 things that are getting
elevated in the very near future.

>And how the blue chub Gila coerulea of the Klamath basin in

Gila coerulea is still Gila.

>And why you're at it (if you have time-- don't worry if you don't >because
>I'll find the paper), how about the speckled dace Rhinichthys >osculus? In
>general, what did the authors have to say about that >fish (those fishes)?

The Rhinichthys osculus data is not published yet. Between that group, "tui
chubs" and sculpins, resource managers out West are going to have to learn
how to ID fish real soon... ;)


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