Re: NANFA-- Breeding natives

R.W.Wolff (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 00:19:52 -0500

Most likely the fry had hid out for some time, as If I remember right, the
fry I hatched in petri dishes were very tiny, not as tiny as leptolucania
ommata, but fundulus grandis fry could eat them when they are hatched =).
speaking of spawnings, for the fourth time in a row thid month my bantam
sunfish have spawned, and i am in the process of fish room renovations, I
removed the other bantams from the 30 gallon and put them in 17 gallon
tanks to hold them while their rack is under construction. I am
contemplating how to do this, as all other tanks on that rack are drained
and the stand is read y to be slid over to make room for wall racks that go
at the end of my ailses. I figure the best thing to do is wait for hatch,
and when I remove Mr. Bantam, I will syphon fry out too and put them in a
tank and if they survive so be it. The most time consuming thing with this
renovation is not building the two newstands, or re setting tanks and
draining, but eradicating tiny duckweed that found its way into most tanks
and is infesting my fish room, If it isnt aphids, its something else being

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