NANFA-- Bob's macroalgae tank

Bob Bock (
Sun, 24 Dec 2000 9:1:15 -0500

Naturenut wrote:

That sounds like an interesting tank! What kind of algae to you have in it?
How long have you had it, to grow the algae? I would like to hear about
this tank. ___Dan

Bob Bock's reply:

Actually, I'm not too sure what kind of algae I have. I'm new at this and
haven't found a manual for identifying the stuff yet. It seems that there
isn't a lot of info on marine macroalgae out there. I started buying
macroalgaes in the store, to help remove ammonia from the water. I got the
idea from a website Shireen sent me that featured growing caulerpa in a
sump to purify the water in a reef set up. I have some kind of slow
growing red algae, with straight stems and grape like berries, lots of
feather caulerpa of some kind, and three halimeda species, none of which I
can identify. The halimeda started taking off like gangbusters under a
deep ocean blue actinic bulb, and after I added some tufa rock and bleached
out coral heads that I bought in the shops. I hope to train the caulerpa
to grow on the coral heads and tufa stone, to increase the algal surface
area, so that it can absorb ammonia more efficiently.

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