Re: NANFA-- indow pond

Gordon James (
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 07:49:12 -0400

Way up here in Eastern Canada we occasionally reach 40 degrees below 0.
Outdoor ponds are often frozen solid.


I don't know what it's like up your way but my greenhouse stayed so warm in
the winter that two 300 W heaters were all I needed to keep my pond warm. It
was about a 10' x 10' by 36 inches deep in the center and the air temps
dropped to less than 40 degrees. I also learned that arrowana's, iridescent
sharks, plecostomus, pacu, several of the small tropical catfish I don't
the names of, Celebes rainbow fish (they actually spawned and I had dozens
them for a long time), as well as several Cardinal tetra's. Until of course
put the pacus and arrowana in the pond. I took the temps of the water every
few days and found it at 62 degrees for long periods of time, usually it was
at about 65 degrees December through February. I think the water fall
contributed to the low temp as the water made more contact with the cold



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