NANFA-- cingulatus problem

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 19:14:44 -0600

I guess officially arouguttatus has been dropped and its now cingulatus (
again). The other fish from this split, rubrifrons , retains its name. Now
that this is two species, does anyone have any Idea what the exact
differences are? All I can find are vague references to barring and color,
which is variable anyways , and ranges, which over lap in the Gainsville
area. I know there are distinct physical differences, since people who have
caught both fish have tried to explain them to me. I am interested in what
is the official differences between the two species. I hope its more than a
row of scales having two more scales in it, a fin having one more ray, or
spots on one are redder than the other. I seem to remember getting a paper
on this from somone ( which I can not find) , and the only thing that sticks
with me is one has a longer snout than the other. But that is also relative.

PS I ask because I have two "cingulatus" from two different areas. The males
look different enough, but not really. The one comes from the over lap area,
according to the maps given by the Texas TNHC site .

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