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Thu, 20 Dec 2001 09:23:35 -0800

A Russian who was excited at catching a pike at a reservoir outside Moscow
tried to celebrate his catch by grabbing the pike from the boat and kissing
it. The pike clamped the man’s nose, and even cutting the pike’s head off
would not release the jaws--they had to be pried off at the local hospital.

Farmers have plowed their fields where water has receded and have come upon
bowfin who are dormant and can be revived.

A Blanding’s turtle, smaller than the snapper, did not move on but attempted
to embrace me seven or eight times with his front claws and I swear, an
amorous look in his eyes. He refused to believe I was scorning his advances
and did not wish to admit defeat. This behavior was so unprecedented that I
telephoned a turtle expert at Michigan State and told him of my unusual
encounter. He asked, "by any chance were you wearing yellow?" I said, "why
yes, I had just put on my new yellow snorkel skin” to which he responded
"well for a Blanding’s turtle, yellow is their mating color!" So now I know
if I am wearing yellow, I might expect to be propositioned!

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Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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