Re: NANFA-- Wet dry trickle filter.

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 13:47:55 -0600

All I can say is make sure its very easy to replace all the media in your
filter. Pond filters get really dirt fast, can plug up too. So watch that
you have an over flow type thing to keep your pond from running dry.

How cold will it get that you need to heat the water? Placeing the heater
in the lowest part of the pond if its small is probably the best thing to
do. If the pond is larger put the heater near to the intake of the filter.
The currents will draw the warm water towards the filter and through it.
This is probably a better use of the heat.

Making a prefilter that is hydroponic is a great Idea. It should ileminate a
ton of gunk from the water and also most of the bad stuff, breaking it down
better for the bacteria in the actual filter. One thing I found with my
water fall is facing it south, and then letting stringy algae form on the
rocks is the best filter you can have. I kind of got this Idea from a guy
who has a run on his pond several yards long which replicates a small
shallow stream. This has algae on the rocks and he has no problems with
cloudy water since installing this, this with a pond full of big koi and

Hope this helps,

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