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Napster Fan (
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 20:06:16 -0500

Hello everyone,

I'm rather new to the list and I would first like to wish everyone a
happy new year and may it be one of many successes in keeping native fish. I
have a bit of a problem. I have a 29-gallon tank with some tropical and
native fish in it. I want to completely re-do my tank, and to do this I have
to give away my fish because I have no other place to put them. I want new
gravel, plants, rocks, etc., so you see why I can't keep them in there when
i re-do my tank. I have for tropicals: 6 orange platies(not real sure what
type, assumed variegate) 1 Lemon Tetra, 1 Silver Dollar, and 1 algae
eater(sorry, don't know exactly what kind it is) For natives I have: 2 creek
chubs, 2 southern redbelly dace, and 1 juvenile bluegill(Had a hard time
identifying it, I'm pretty sure it's a bluegill.) If anyone would like any
of these fish, please e-mail me at I do not want
anything in return for these. I just want to give them a good home. I will
pay for any shipping costs. When I re-do my tank, I'm hoping to put in
Madtoms,darters,chubs,shiners,dace, and even a juvenile carp. Thank you for
taking the time to read this and I hope someone will take my fish. Good luck
with your native fish, fellows!

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