NANFA-- carp vs. waterfowl
Sun, 1 Dec 2002 11:00:09 EST

>Summit Lake State Park 11-30-02
[snip list of birds seen]

> I talked with Dan, one of the managers of Summit Lake State Park,
>eartlier this fall. I expressed my concern to him about the decline in
>the numbers of waterfowl over the past 5 years. He knew the reason
>for it. He said some one had dumped Carp in the Nature Area Ponds.
> The Carp have destroyed a lot of the vegetation which Dabbling Ducks
>favor and depend upon for nutrition during migration. The Park plans
>to apply for funding to eliminate Carp from the Nature Area through a
>complete fish kill. I think he said the ponds would then be stocked
>with a Bass / Bluegill base. He said there is nothing they can do about
>the Carp which is in Summit Lake, but they can be eliminated from the
>Nature Area. It makes one wonder what migration would be like if all
>our Reservoirs were Carp free. Maybe waterfowl would stay longer in
>our State if the food supplies were more abundant.
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