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This might be of interest to some people. I haven't actually joined any of
these lists, or whatever...

--Bruce Stallsmith
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Visit over 20 publicly available conservation-related discussion groups on
ConserveOnline! Through public discussion groups and information sharing,
ConserveOnline is an open forum for sharing successes and failures, and for
connecting scientific research with field-based conservation practice.
Please share this information with your staff, partners and colleagues.

Available Discussion Groups: Bird Conservation, Climate Change, Developing
Conservation Strategies, Ecoregional Planning, Fire Management, Freshwater,
Freshwater Invertebrates, Geographic Information Systems, Grassland
Management, Humor, Invasive Species, Marine Ecoregional Planning, Native
Plant Nursery, Private Forestland Management, Targets, Travel, Updating the
10 yr Goal, Wetland Management

ConserveOnline is a "one-stop" online, public library, created and
maintained by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with other conservation
organizations. The library makes conservation tools, techniques, and
experience available to a broad community of conservation practitioners.
This site is intended to foster learning and collaboration, and provide
information and support to anyone making conservation-related decisions,
from the staff of conservation organizations to land managers at government
agencies to local land trusts to private landowners. We welcome anyone with
documents, data, maps, or images relevant to the science and practice of
conservation to make these resources publicly available through
ConserveOnline, and to share their expertise through the discussion groups.

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3) Login within 24 hrs after you receive your temporary password through
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