Re: NANFA-- Muddminnows as a class fish

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 02:23:46 -0600

> > [If swirls of olive and brown are interesting, yes.
> > If SCREAMIN GREEN is a requirement, look
> > elsewhere]
> > 6b; Does it have an interesting shape?
> > [The canidates best feature.
> >]

Ack, no wonder the mudminnow gets knocked, here are some links to better

The upper link is good at showing what a robust healthy mudminnow looks
like, out of water.

The bottom link, check out the bottom picture on that page. I am nearly
positive this is the picture in Dr. David Schlesser's book " North American
Natives for the Home Aquarium". That is really how the blue looks in the
pelvic, anal and caudal fins. It is still hard to appreciate the gold ,
green, and pink iridescent banding on the side , you have to see the real
deal. The pictures color rendering are better in the book. The top two
pictures on that page are some other good ones that are on other web pages
quite often, luckily I found all these in one place The larger one in the
top picture is a female and the lower smaller one is a male. The middle
picture is a male, though he shows little coloration. You can tell this on
these "uncolored up " fish by the larger anal fin. Another interesing thing
is males have bumpy scales on the caudal peduncle when spawning. Why , I
don't know.

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