Re: NANFA-- Green water turns red

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 18:51:29 -0600

Thanks for the warnings on the red colored stuff. I am sorry, Jan, I did not
get to check out the web site yet., and have to get back to work now since
supper break is over. I will check it out tonight when I am home for the

I use ramshorns almost exclusively. They seem to work best. Most of them are
the red kind, I found them wild in the marsh here a few years ago. I feed
them game fish chow by Purina. The bigger pellets are too big for most my
fish, so I use them to feed all food cultures, paramecium, cyclops, grindle
worm, and white worms. The snails are what many killi keepers told me to
use, so I cannot claim credit for that, but I did find that the pellets were
easier to feed them than messing around with the boiled lettuce. Over
feeding the paramecium and cyclops trays make them produce tons more "bugs",
but the careful balance has to be watched that the water does not become too
foul for the snails. No snails, and the culture suffers. The added bonus is
the ramshorns ( along with pond snails) make great food for so many fish.

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