NANFA-- noturus kitty chow, part deux.

Crail, Todd (
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 09:47:38 -0500

well... so much for the skewer or paper clip or and type of apparatus.
"spicoli the stone cat" was so excited yesterday when the paperclip of yum
arrived, i decided this morning to get racey and put my hand down there. yep,
he doesn't have *any* problem taking fd krill right out of my fingers. :)

i was a bit concerned about getting "tommed", but i kept telling myself that
catfish are very very targeted feeders, they're not the bottom sucking hapless
foragers they're normally portrayed to be, and sure enough, he didn't come a
bit close to my fingers. the only concern i have now is while doing
maintenance and my hand is the cue for feeding time. then again, i think my
fingers would just get checked out... i could always load him up before i got
in there :)

i thought about this as well... i didn't want anyone to assume that i was
committing any act of ethnic defacement in his name. the name "spicoli" comes
from a movie called "fast times at ridgemont high" where sean penn played a
suferdude character that's become somewhat of a counter culture hero of sorts.
for example, he ordered pizza to one of his classes because he was <ahem>
hungry. he was literally a "Stoned Kat". :)

and btw... spicoli's favorite rock pile is now known as "the van".
I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record.
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