NANFA-- Prelim Committee report on Canidate Muddminnow.

m c (
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 18:14:44 -0800 (PST)

So, is it correct to say that it is the consensus of
this committee that Canidate Muddminnow is accpetible
for the posistion, notwith standing the following
issues that need further discussion:

1: Is there much of a difference between the central
species and other species?

2: What is the size of the canidate?

3: What is the size of the smallest safe tankmate
(that the canidate cannot eat; Would it eat an adult
female guppy?)

4: What is the perfered food size? (are termites and
leafhoppers too large? How small of an earth worm?)

5: Is it agreed that the best corse of action in
reguards to feeding is live food mixed with non live,
and then check to see if it has learned to eat non
live food from the other fish by putting in only non
live food and see if it eats any? (hey, I teach
Science, not English)

6: Is the canidate territiorial toward in any
reguards? (if there are 2 males will they fight?)

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