NANFA-- The Accidental Canidate: Central Stoneroller.

m c (
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 21:56:51 -0800 (PST)

One of the committee members had a slip of the fingers
and accidently nominated the Central Stoneroller as a
canidate while meaning to comment on Canidate
Muddminnow. So lets put him before the Committee.

The Canidate is Central Stoneroller.

The Standard Questionair:

1: Is the canidate availible to take the position?
(anybody willing to mail be a couple)

2: Does the canidate have a problem working with
other parties, esp the Southern party, who will be
represented in the tank by the pre approved honorable
Red Bellied Dace.

3: Is the canidate willing to take the job for the
pay offered? (rotating flakes, granduals, Freeze
dried, and other, with only occational live foods)

4: Can the canidate tolorate the job conditions?
(room temp in classroom, with possible summers on a
80-90 F front porch; wildly varying photo periods
depending on if I am turning off the lights frequently
for Power points or not that day, 20 gal tank, mixed
species, HOT power filter.)

5: Is the canidate willing to accept the office with
out extensive redecorating? (moving some pebbles ok,
eating the plants is not.)

6: What are the canidates qualifications?

6a; Does it have an interesting color?

6b; Does it have an interesting shape?

6c; Does it have an interesting behavior?

6d; Does it have an interesting history?

7: What is the canidate's past job experience?
(Anybody ever keep these guys in a tank?)

8: Is the canidate likly to leave a legacy? (breed
with out prompting, not really important for my
purposes. Viable fry not really needed, but breeding
behavior would be nice)

9: Is there much of a difference between regional
varieties ?

9a: Which varieties are availible?

10: What is the size of the canidate?

11: What is the size of the smallest safe tankmate
(that the canidate cannot eat; Would it eat an adult
female guppy?)

12: What is the perfered food size? (are termites and
leafhoppers too large? How small of an earth worm?
Tetra mini granduals?)

13: Is the canidate territiorial toward in any
reguards? (if there are 2 males will they fight?
Hostile toward conspecifics?)

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