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Besides, natural selection is not a proof that someone or something did
or does not have a hand in our lives. Even scientists are obliged to
keep an open mind. I told someone that polynesians navigate without
compass or other instruments. They have knowledge of the stars, wind,
even minute variations in wave direction and shape (and an interesting
perspective of how to know you know something... if you can point in the
direction of an island and see it in your mind, then you are never
lost). These constants allow them to explore and pass on information on
how to make ocean voyages consistently. His response was, "And what
reality is this you are talking about?" So I told him, "It is yours. I
saw it on a PBS program."

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>From: m c <>
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> Prehaps you read too much into it. I mean that I'm
> not going to set myself up for constant battles with
> parents by insisting on a 'belief' in evolution.
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