RE: NANFA-- Plants, substrate, and Canidate sand darter.

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The only one that comes to mind is the hogchoker canDidate that Jay mentioned and I'm not sure about ease of keep on that, so your research is prolly right.... The western isn't any better off than the eastern. They're both midwest/central species that favor sandy streams and due to the area's near total deforestation and misguided land use practices, there isn't much um, sand left at the surface.

Perhaps you could find a better canDidate from the land of Oz where you'd propsed you'd potentially gather 'dem purty Melanotaenids (albeit they're exotics ;). A lot of the gudgeons have *very* interesting behavior from what I understand.. I've just never kept any and I have no idea where to get them. The RML list would be the best source for that.
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What interested me in the sand darter was the pic of
it buried in sand. Any other fish do this?

Is the western sand darter any better?

on the plants, I think I have some sort of bacopa and
moneywort availible in the farm pond at my Uncle's.

I've just never set up a planted native tank before.
usually I just use ground clay kitty litter, peat, and
playsand in layers topdressed with peagravel.

But if I add a "beach" area for a fish with a cool
"bury everything but my head" behavior, how do i work
that in?

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