Re: NANFA-- Plants, substrate, and Canidate sand darter.
Sat, 7 Dec 2002 19:04:26 EST

Dang, I sent this before finishing it....sorry guys.

Todd & Mike,

Swamp Darter- (Etheostoma fusiforme) [Drab coloration but quite common and
easy to keep.]

Christmas Darter - (Etheostoma hopkinsi) *Definately* have to check this one
out. [Here in SC, the christmas darter is on the list for species of special
concern. I would suggest the savannah darter (Etheostoma fricksium). It's
more colorful and very abundant. Probably my favorite darter]

Tessellated Darter (Etheostoma olmstedi) [Drab coloration but very common and
easy to keep]

Sawcheek Darter - (Etheostoma serrifer) [Very simmilar to the swamp darter.
Best way to distinguish between the two is to look for two small black spots
at the caudal base usually separated by a red dot (not always). Most of
these that we find have red eyes]

Blackbanded Darter (Percina nigrofasciata) May appear to have drab color for
darters, but I will note that the Blackside Darter (P. maculata) is a
personal favorite and has similar color and paterns. [This darter, while not
very colorful, has a very attractive pattern. I like this one]

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