RE: NANFA-- Plants, substrate, and Canidate sand darter.

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Mon, 9 Dec 2002 18:48:19 -0800 (PST)

--- Sajjad Lateef <> wrote:
> I would also like to submit the following for the
> court's
> consideration:
> 1. Per our discussion in chambers (i.e. offlist), it
> is much
> better to start off slow and gain experience with
> native fish
> and for that matter, fish of any persuasion.
> Patience is a key
> requirement of this hobby.

I believe the petitioner has failed to consider
several points.

First, The purpose of these hearings is to limit the
field of possible cannidates, for an office to be
occupied in August. That gives plenty of time for the
canidates to travel and settle into the office, in a
staggered fashion (a few at a time to prevent major
"cycle bounces").

Second, it is December. Not the best season for
collecting, breeding, or shiping. That does give up
plenty of time to figure out what to ship when the
weather warms up.
> 2. With the admitted lack of extensive fish
> husbandry skills,
> is the court not willing to start off with common,
> easily
> available species and making the necessary, multiple
> mistakes
> resulting in several fish mortalities before
> progressing to
> the harder, challenging fish species?

One of the requirements for the office is ease of
care. Another reason for the hearings is to eliminate
unsuitible canidates. These fish are going to be in a
public school, on display in a class room that will
see more than 120 persons of traffic per week day.

So, to the question: yeah. But it is not really a
question of skill.
> 3. Enthusiasism is good. Requests for free fish are
> good.
> However, is there an awareness that the people who
> are asked for
> fish are making a serious effort to go out, collect,
> bring back fish, keep them alive, and ship them out?
> There is
> a lot of time, energy, gas, supplies and money being
> spent by
> these folks.

Yes. I belive that is the implied nature of volunteer
activities. (really though, from what I have read in
the archives,I think that some of you would do it just
to have the excuse to do it. "Really Honey, I'm just
going out to get a few for a classtank in Georgia, I
won't be gone very long...really.")

I will be doing some collecting myself with the guys
from SC or Steve sooner or later.
> 4. In exchange for fish, is the court willing to
> provide written
> documentation (on paper), photographs of said school
> projects?

Of course. I'm planning to have a webpage documenting
it all. Depending on how much space I am allowed on
the school server, I may even make my lectures
availible online in PowerPoint format.

Right now however, If you want a photo of an empty
tank, a box of gravel, and a pre-cycled filter sitting
on my 55 I can borrow Dad's camera.

After the Board meets in May to approve my contract, I
would be more than happy to provide documentation on
school letterhead (they approve new teacher contracts
annually). I have been promised the posistion by the
superintendent (my old gifted teacher) and pre
approveded by a majority of the board who know me
personally (including my old science and english
teachers,...did I mention that my grandmother is
president of the Retired Educators Asso.?)

Also, after that time, I will have access to the
paperwork needed for "Educational Donation" tax
credits. (Hi, Santa)

As I have stated before, Currently I am Substitute,
and I will start as a parapro in the "Behavior" class
after the December Board meeting (subs, temps and aids
can be approved at any meeting). (It is just a
formality...did I mention that my Mom is the town
karate instructor?)
> 5. Is the court willing to cover the out-of-pocket
> expenses
> incurred while shipping fish, plants, etc.?

That will be handled on a case by case basis, via
personal communications. But in general, Yes.

Right now, all I really need are a few starter plants
and advice on the best way to set up a planted tank
for cool water natives. The plants would probally
need to come locally due to weather conditions. The
same for any immediate donations of fish (hi, Steve).
No sence shiping anything from Chicago right now, but
Kennasaw is do-able. (hey Steve, If you want to hold
off, I may be in your area about Jan 10th or so if you
want to hook up and go collecting)

No offence tanken by the questions.
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