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<beavis> Fire! Fire! Fire! Hehheh hehheh!</beavis>

It's been interesting to watch what pops up the following years after the massive fires in the west. I think my favorite example is the story told of Yellowstone thru various issues of Outside Magazine. At first everyone was disappointed, then they were like "Oh wow! I never had that view before!" and then the forbs popped up and the world became magical, instead of a thick monoculture of pine. :) Of course, in some areas tho, the fires are too hot, and sterilize the soil and native seed bank, and just as you have been saying.... Allowing exotic life to monopolize the open market on niches.

And they are soooo not kidding about marine life's affinity to plastic. The matricies in the polypro bonds just let grips hold so tight. During my reef aquarium adventures, I had on a few occassions a colony of Pocillopora damicornis send off polyp bails (asexual reproduction) and the prefered attachments? They had plenty of coraline encrusted rock, which is a documented trigger to drop from the water column... Oh no. They showed up on powerheads and the acrylic overflow. <>

On this particular powerhead, I was forced to remove the top colonies, which still grew out new growth from the tiny pieces of viable tissue I'd left behind. Then I had to cut off the ones in the back. Replacement of the suction cups was about a 5 month deal. How fun is that?! :)

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Here is an article forwarded to me by a fellow plant enthusiast that
sort of relates to my previous post on exotics in Florida.
There is also another link to an article how marine organisms may be
using floating trash to raft their way around the world.

Living things certainly are opportunistic. Just like that famous quote
from Jurassic Park- "Life will find a way"!


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