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Now I'm having trouble with this one Bill (and I'm pretty sure that's why you put the "?" in there :) Killing a horse, one would think, would not serve any purpose as it would probably kill anything else in the water with it, including itself. Now, I'm no expert on electric eels and their tolerance of their kick... I'm assuming it's enough to work as a deterent to predation, perhaps they use it as a feeding mechanism, but could anything produce and handle that kind of shock? I kicked the main on the dorm in college (yes, the primary from outside) and only ended up with two black fingernails and a really really really sore arm (long story). That's gonna take some serious amps to knock out a horse heh :)

The tree is so way over the top I'm not even touching that one lol :)
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While in Columbia my driver --ex Columbian army
man--told of chasing bad guys thru swamps . Said there
were 9 foot long electric eels out there . Said an
officer on horse had horse killed out from under him
by big electric eel .Also said if big one discharged
near tree in water it would cause the nuts to fall off
tree ?? I asked him if it made bad guys fall out of
trees too ?
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