NANFA-- Re: nanfa V1 #1481

Arlus F (
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 09:23:23 -0800

>Which is why it isn't the best idea. What about Mac users?
Or unix/linux users even. Any BeOS users out there?
>Back to PDFs for a sec:
>I really like having embedded links in a pdf file, like John did with his
>list of Texas fishes:
hmm... if the links were relative you could use the same pdf and
depending on where you accessed it from (the web/mirrors or off the cd)
you could have the web content "frozen" onto the cd for portability
(classroom projector, not sure if there are a lot of vga projectors out
there yet anyway...) or dynamic with the latest info online. Of course
you could always have the links resolve to a particular server, but then
more work is involved if there were ever to be a change. I suspect with
adobe you can set project templates that will enable regeneration of
documents easily.
As for the project work, develop a NANFA format, shovel off the work,
then proof it and release. Most people don't have adobe distiller but
could help with html format. Send the work from a team of say up to five
persons through a coordinator with good web skills and attention to
detail to iron it out, then send it by the NANFA powers that
be/committee for approval. Assuming there are piles of prepared
information ready to go.
PDF is formatted for printing on regular(usually) size paper, otherwise
standard html is just as good (or possibly even better for monitor
viewing in varying screen dimensions) Both formats can be very compact
depending on image rendering.
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