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Crail, Todd (
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 12:50:02 -0500

Yeah this does provide an excellent baseline. It would be something to send
in the mail to local schools "Biology Department Teacher" accompanied by a
letter explaining who you are and what you'd like to do. I'm not sure of the
grants and achieving the kindness of the AS Fish and Game, but if you guys are
anything like me... You've got 85 aquariums sitting dry that you can loan to
the education experience, and teach them how to use that seine :)

In any case, the greatest asset that we the members of NANFA have to give is
our excitement. I've found nothing interests people more than when someone
not only showing natural beauty ('This is the rainbow darter. It's part of
what family? Anyone? Anyone?' doesn't work too well ;), but when someone is
like "Look at this guy! Isn't he a beaut!?" people seem to really perk up
and pay attention :)

BTW. I had two people out of the 30 that were at the native gardening meeting
the other night ask to be shown these fish in person. Which, when you
consider that over half the people there were 50+ year old females (and they
were impressed too, I just don't think they are all into going out and getting
all wet and nasty ;). I think that's a pretty good return on the time
invested :)

Todd Crailwin
Nature Evangelist

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Not only does Arkansas Fish and Game provide a very
complete 55 gallon tank setup , they even provide the
teacher with a free seine net and ask them to use it
!If anyones state doesnt have something like this I
suggest sending them a copy .
--- "Crail, Todd" <> wrote:
> That is pretty cool Bill. Hopefully they are
> looking for a species consultant
> and you can really guide the kid's exposure to our
> fantastic fish :)
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> For those interested this is part of my states tank
> in the classroom programe
> . A teacher can apply for a 55 gallon tank set up .
> I am not sure weather the
> fish emphasis is on game fish or not .I did contact
> the superintendant of a
> nearby school district asking him to relay a link to
> my little yahoo photo
> site to his science teachers where they could see
> photos of fishes taken
> from
> waters near them . If i get a positive responce Ill
> link them to the NANFA
> web
> site .
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