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Mark (
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:26:36 -0500

I don't think this was posted on this list. I know there were some people
who were concerned about Klaus. He sent this to the other list:

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:54:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Al G Eaton <>

Hi everyone...yep I am out there :-). I had been
under the care of my 77 year old parents until about
a week and a half ago. Since then I am home and I
have to make the climb up and down the stairs
(bedrooms are upstairs and kitchen and living room are
on the ground floor). At first I could only make the
climb once or twice a day, but its getting better.
Shortly after I spoke to Chip on aquachat my windows
95 internet connection went haywire, so I am using my
son's new computer when I get the chance. I have
another puter that I have to set up.

For everyone that sent me cards, letters, phone
calls,flowers and emails, I can't tell you how much
they meant to me after I woke up after being in ICU
for 15 days the fist time and seven days the second
time. Most of the emails have been lost, because my
mailboxes quickly filled when I first went into the
hospital in late July. Right now I am thankful to be
alive and to know I have so many friends out there.
The doctors consider me sort of a medical miracle and
I am convinced that all the thoughts and prayers and
good wishes that were sent my way helped me through my

For now I am out of the woods, but I may be facing
further surgery in about five months, unless my
pancreas heals itself. If they do need to take out
two thirds of my pancreas then they will try to
harvest my insulin producing cells and inject them
into my kidneys where they would colonize and make
insulin there. If that isn't successful I would be any case a lot can happen in the next
few months and I am optimistic.

I am restricted from collecting for a while as I am
carrying a drain on the right side of my abdomen to
collect the enzymes my leaky pancreas is producing.
The hope is it will stop leaking on its own.

BTW, Josh, the orchid is developing a second set of
blooms already. I've never had one do that before.

As you can imagine, I have almost no fish :-( now. My
son tried to feed them but he never got the feeding
amounts right nor some of the special demands that
some of my fish had. This is not a request for fish,
as I do have a few and they are about what I can take
care of now.

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