NANFA-- marbled gambusia
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:59:55 EST

i collect a marbled gambusia when i get down to florida... the panhandle
area. exactly carrabelle... just east of appalachicola. very pretty little

ive got one marbled gam now. he is almost as bad as the sailfin mollies...
chasing all the other fishes about... just endlessly harassing them. the
sailfins are gonna end up in the cement pond this spring. :) they can contend
w/ the gar and sunnies for awhile.
my favorite live bearer is the least killie.
i just went back today to my son's former school for a quick checkup. i had
set up a 29 gallon tank in the school's biology lab a couple years ago. timer
w/ a single flo bulb, ug filter w/ fine gravel and a small powerhead,
driftwood. it is now filled w/ lush java fern and moss and a bit of duckweed.
no air pump. the least killies have multiplied and survived 2 long summer
vacations, and now going on 2 christmas breaks. no water changes, big
seasonal temp cycles, and i suspect very minimal or erratic feedings. yet the
little killies are thriving.
glass shrimp have survived as well but i dont think have reproduced. i
collect the grass/glass shrimp in some very murky water just south of
chattanooga... im not so sure the shrimp are a clean water indicator. this
water is green, beaver pondish, lush bank growth of cattails, millfoil. well
i guess "clean" is relative. lots of plants represent a healthy environment
to my eye. the shrimp ive seen in the wild certainly like dense vegatation. i
collect nice black spotted topminnows here which have adapted and reproduced
in the cement pond... that i have converted into a native fish habitat.
no marbled gambusia in these parts. i wonder why as we have plenty of the
plain ones in back waters. has anyone ever seen a marbled female gambusia?
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