Re: NANFA-- Devils advocate concerning release of exotics.
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:32:41 EST

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> Michael, that's not it. The discussion here is the notion that there are
> unused niches, or even that there are a finite number of definable niches.
> Niches are defined by individual species and not the environment. For
> reason they can't be management tools. Science does a reasonable job of
> trying to identify the concept of a niche, but there's not even one plant
> or animal that has a niche that can be completely defined. For example,
> part of a species' niche is its biological interactions-- prey, predators
> and competitors-- and how can that be described or quantified? Taking the
> concept of a niche to the next step-- that a given area has x number of
> potential or unfilled niches, and that individual species are
> management units outside of the system where they evolved-- has had
> disastrous results again and again.
Fine, i understand what you are saying even though a more stable environment
tends to create ever more numerous yet more specialized niches. but what
about saving the species in captivity. My last letter centered on captive
propagation and keeping the species in captivity not releasing it into a new
habitat. this fish is small enough that many times the current population in
the wild could be kept by different organizations and people with the
eventual goal of replacing them into their original habitat.

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