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For now, I'll just take any lack of comment from the
peanut gallery as silent consent.
Or another option is that the majority of the list are older and wiser to not engage in what, over the course of a month, has *appeared to be* a triste of parasatism on the good nature of people wanting to help. That of course, is my opinion, and my opinion alone...
I read back thru sorted by sender to see if this is out of line, and I've yet to see anywhere that you're giving anything but the lone chance that some po' kid in Georgia a chance to see some native fish on everyone else's nickle... That you've not really even shown a willingness to get wet and collect even (Come up to Toledo, I'll show you what a trashed ecosystem looks like... And there's still beautiful life living in it, so I don't want to hear that excuse) or... Become a card carrying member of NANFA. You've molded your discussion for hits and misses, and quite frankly, I'm not amused with you finally throwing your "only $40 a day" ace. You always have the option of approaching the school board with your proposal to spend $300 to show some kids some living biology. I would have the school board approach the companies you desire to get products from. That is going to keep the thought of, in your words, "lone nut" out of people's minds.

When I discussed the potential for equipment from Santa Crail, I wasn't kidding about getting better aquainted. I've seen this same type of thing happen twice in the marine forums (and have not made mention of this until now), and fortunately for most involved, these people had their cover blown by someone close by offering to see where all this was to be set up in their classroom. They kinda disappeared after that. I guess they were teaching from their living rooms.

Now, don't take this as me accusing you of trying to scam some stuff, but my experience has unfortunately left me weary and skeptical of projects that are nebulous charities. Additionally, you're not building a very good case of character here that would warrant much of any action that I would stand behind (Again I am acting on my own free opinion here). Your snotty remarks aren't earning much credibility either.

The ball is in your court now, I'm done with this topic for the time being. I suggest you carefully consider how to proceed, as I had suggested in my closing thoughts in the earlier email.

Perhaps I will eat my words, but I'll get to that when I see evidence I need to.

Again, respectfully said...

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