Re: NANFA-- dwarf sturgeon / captive breeding / refuguia
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 22:39:24 EST

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> I know you want this fish. You are a sturgeon fanatic. You think they make
> fine pets. That is great.
That's not what I had in mind but it became clear to me that releasing
Silurus Glanis would be far more likely. At least the cat fishing lobby might
support me. You are right it is off topic as are at least half the posts on
this list. At the very least I thought I might stir up a little bit of
discussion pertaining to the absolutes we all seem to hang on to. I wanted to
show that the release of an exotic doesn't have to be blasphemy and that the
assumption that it should never be done is not reasonable nor is it even the
way the law of the land works. It just works that way for fish that no body
cares about. it's too late to prevent the release of exotics or even control
what is already here. And it won't be long before someone releases an exotic
for some asinine reason with the full support of the government and it will
probably work out just as well as they ever do. But to suggest it from the
lowly depths I live is crazy and cannot possibly work.

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