Re: NANFA-- RE: digital cameras (here's one for you Jay)

Scott Davis (
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 13:44:15 -0600

Hi Craig!

Was your friend shooting for just the anemone or was he trying to include
Banggai cardinal fish too? The killitalk list also has a thread going on
digital cameras ( 'tis the season...). One concern voiced there with digital
cameras is lag time before a shutter goes off. This evidentially makes for a
lot of fish tail shots.

Also, are those shots you ran taken with the lens the camera is equipped
with or with a macro or close-up lens added with the use of an inexpensive
lens adapter? I gather that lenses can be more expensive than the camera?

The camera can be mounted on a tripod. Is that the best way to take shots of
the fishy sort?

By the way, your underwater case and other accessories can be found even
more inexpensively at,10214,0-1257,00.html?tag=t
op&qt=Canon+A40+&cn=&ca=1257 (the old site).

I'm a rank newbie to both cameras and fish photography (drat, at the bottom
of another learning curve), but the above concerns seem to need answers. The
camera you refer to is considerably less expensive than many of the others
being palavered about in fish circles. It also has a manual over-ride, dear
to the heart of some. If it does the job, Office Max here I come! ;)

Thanks for your thoughts and examples.


> Okay Kiddos... Here's the macros from the Canon A40:
> That was shot through the glass and I am very impressed. This is the best
> capability I've seen yet for so little. Granted, he's shooting under 250
> halide, so we haven't played with low light yet... But I think this is a
> package for the price. I asked him for some regular point and click, he
> hasn't responded yet. But I'd imagine it's just great as that's the first
> criteria that needs met on any camera.,,,,
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