Re: NANFA-- stoneroller diet?
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 22:20:37 EST

most folks have expressed what i have experienced as well. they are a tough
and durable fish in nature and in our tanks. they survive where others
they will eat dang near anything and are always eager when i approach or pass
a tank.
kind of an odd observation: in my cement pond i have several stonys who are
prospering. for a month or two during the summer i observed them w/ long
strands of green poopoo trailing them... sometimes well over there length :)
i even laid one out for bg to see while he was visiting... it was about 7"
long! the green poopy strands littered the bottom of the pool too. about this
time was when i was having a major bloom of long filmentous algae... hair
algae i reckon. seems like even with the stonys very long digestive system it
still could not break down all those fibers! :)
on another note i got a call from my pet shop guy today. 3 more seminole
killies and a sailfin mollie rescued from a grass shrimp feeder tank! a good
christmas present, yes? ive tried to be good this year.
and a merry christams to everyone! im fixing to catch santa on the weather
radar shortly... good way to push the kids to bed so i can slide down the
ho ho ho
casper claus
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