NANFA-- Buying Used Books Online

Brian Haas (
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 08:27:15 -0600

To anyone interested in buying used books online:

The search engine I use is, which searches all the major
used book sites (Alibris, Powell's, Abebooks, etc.) as well as many lesser
known sites, in addition to many new book retailers (, B&N, etc.).
It searches's database as well. The total number of sites
searched at once is 26. Comparison shopping becomes instant, and the
number of used copies to choose from is, depending on the title, quite

I've never heard anyone on this list ever mention this site before, so I
decided it was high time someone did.

I have no affiliation with, blah blah blah...

Travis Haas
Hazel Green, WI

P.S. There don't appear to be any copies of Masters' book available at the
time, though they do show up occasionally.

At 06:10 PM 12/24/02 EST, Chuck Church wrote:
>In a message dated 12/24/02 12:42:52 PM US Central Standard Time,
> writes:
><< Has anyone information about the price and availability of the
>"Encyclopedia of Live Foods" by Charles Masters? I checked on
>no luck. Thanks in advance for any possible help. >>
> <A HREF="">Live Food Kits</A>
>Go to the bottom of this page. $26 for a copy machine version in a three
>ring binder, 336 pages.
>I bought a copy about 4 years ago from them along with a D.magna starter
> Seems like someone on this list told me about them and I have seen their
>name mentioned positively since. I had very good service from them.
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA
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