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R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 01:39:26 -0600

> ~500,000 Acres sound about right? Check out the KANKAKEE - IROQUOIS
I would hate to brag, but the marsh here is roughly over a million acres. I
get this ( since no good information on it is out there) sum from the size
of Glacial Lake Wisconsin. The marsh is pretty much the same outline as
Glacial Lake Wisconsin and was formed in the lake bed. To get acres from
miles multiply 640. The square miles of Glacial Lake Wisconsin is 1,825. To
be fair, the entire area is not one solid marsh. Many interesting land forms
and water bodies are found in this area. Being that glaciers never touched
this area, ancient formations still stand in pretty much the same way they
did pre glaciation. Doing this another unscientific way comes up with
another number. The area is often described as "rougly twice the size of
Milwaukee county". Milwaukee county is 1,460 square miles. In acres that is
934,400 acres. What I call the marsh goes under many names, the most
commonly used is " The Great Swamp of Wisconsin". Doing searches on this
turns up little of nothing.

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