NANFA-- Join my sturgeon group!
Sat, 6 Dec 2003 22:04:49 EST

This group is dedicated to the Sturgeon, promoting it's conservation,
conservation of it's habitat, captive breeding, and especially captive breeding of
the small sturgeons as aquarium specimens. The shovelnose sturgeon,
Scaphirhynchus platorynchus, is the best candidate for large, 70 gallon and above
aquariums. This sturgeon is being captive bred and we as a group should actively
pursue it's release into the aquarium hobby. There are several other small sturgeon
that need to be bred in captivity due to almost total habitat loss. Releasing
some of these captive bred specimens into the aquarium trade would make money
that could be used to help save them. Other large sturgeon should be
discouraged from being released into the aquarium trade due to their very large size
which would prohibit anyone from keeping them but we should promote the
breeding of all these wonderful fishes. Sturgeons have been around since before the
rise of the dinosaurs. Sturgeons are a direct link to a time before there were
fish with bones and scales and once dominated the rivers and streams of the
northern hemisphere. Join in and lets exchange ideas to help preserve the
sturgeon! You can find this group at

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