Todd Crail (
Tue, 9 Dec 2003 22:58:27 -0500

I didn't realize they came with a complimentary Fundulus julisia ;)

I know it's expensive because it's expensive to begin with. That auto reset
is sweet and having the plug n play capability (read: no wiring) is
something worth paying for by the non electrician masses.

But my box thing I was gonna do will total at about $10 out the door. It
helps that I know where to get the old GFCI's at closeout price and not the
new XGFCI's which we're all going to get railed on. ;)

I can't cost justify 4x and I don't expect you to even attempt to get in
this ballpark :)

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> At 9:58 PM -0500 12/9/03, Todd Crail wrote:
> >Does it just go into one of the outlets in the recepticle? IE it only
> >up one "plug"? I was kinda into running the grounding probe to this
> >recepticle, and the probe has to stay behind the gfci. Where do they
> >them?
> >
> >Thanks Mark... This might look a lot better than the former idea :)
> Where do they sell them? Why, your favorite fish store and mine --
> Ground Fault Circuit Inter. GFCI-1 (Little Giant) $40.00
> Prevents electrical shock in case of leak in electrical current. Use
> indoors or outdoors. Has automatic reset.
> Yeah, you plug one end into the wall and plug your powerstrip or
> whatever into the other end. Well, I guess I'm assuming it will work
> equally well with a power strip as with a single appliance. You
> could inquire with the manufacturer, Little Giant: 1-888-956-0000.
> Yeah, it only takes up one outlet in your wall receptacle.
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