Re: NANFA-- RE: Snakeheads

Steffen Hellner (
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 21:59:25 +0100

> Most interestingly, Uchida and Fujimoto (1933, cited in Berg 1965) suggest
> that O. argus requires atmospheric air to survive and can survive out of
> water (presumably if kept moist) for 3-4 days at 10-15 deg C. Perhaps this
> is the source of the claim that they can crawl about overland - but if they
> require atmospheric air how do they deal with ice?

There always is a small amount of air between the ice and water.

> I would imagine that they would be able to withstand long periods w/o access
> to surface air at low temperatures (like below ice at 4 deg C). If a silly
> little map turtle can overwinter for 6 mos without a breath, I'd be really
> amazed if a snakehead couldn't. More likely, they're just facultative
> air-breathers that use it when they can.

Most obvious.

Whatever. Whenever one encounters a snakehead outside of its natural
habitat, kill it!!!

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