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Subject: [Dnr-hrw-all] Water-related Conferences
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 08:57:50 -0500
From: "Lyn Crighton (Hoosier Riverwatch)"

> Indiana Lake Management Society Conference 2004
> Caring For and Appreciating Indiana Lakes 
> April 2-3, 2004, Pokagon State Park - Angola, Indiana
> Conference Objectives:
> 7 To explore ways to restore, enhance, and preserve watersheds while
> supporting economic development.
> 7 To exchange ideas on current lake and reservoir issues in Indiana.
> 7 To promote local involvement with lake and watershed issues.
> 7 To encourage communication among watershed management agencies and lake
> users.
> Deadline for abstracts is February 1, 2004. Submit abstracts to: Mark
> Mongin, SePRO, - (317) 216-8312.
> "Watersheds: Growth, Land Use and Opportunity"
> June 6-10, 2004
> Valparaiso University, Valparaiso Indiana
> indiana+conference.htm>
> Issues concerning lakes, coastal management, growth and agriculture are
> key watershed issues in Northwest Indiana and elsewhere across the
> country. This conference will address these issues by presenting national
> and local speakers who will discuss current and emerging trends as well as
> economically- and environmentally-sound approaches to managing their
> impacts upon our watersheds.
> This conference will take a unique, and holistic approach to watershed
> management by allowing participants a high degree of interaction with
> speakers representing each of these issues in order to learn from each
> other so that work towards viable solutions can be achieved. This will be
> accomplished by having all the attendees together in the morning to learn
> from and interact with representatives of each of these issues.
> Afternoons will be devoted to smaller work out sessions with group leaders
> from each of the four issues leading the discussions. This will allow for
> linkages to be created between these issues that are usually held
> separate.
> Who should attend? The holistic aspect of this conference will allow a
> broad range of participants to learn and benefit from the presentations
> and interaction of each day's theme.
> Anticipated costs: Sunday's Pre-Conference workshop will cost $15 and
> Monday-Thursday (or less) will cost $85. Both of these registrations will
> include meals. Field trip costs will be $10 per trip.
> 2004 National EPA Community Involvement Conference
> June 15-18, 2004, in Denver, Colorado
> The conference's Planning Committee is soliciting presentation proposals
> for this conference. If you are interested in submitting a proposal to
> present at this conference, please check out the Call For Presenters page
> on the conference website. This year we are accepting proposals
> electronically via the conference website. You may also submit your
> proposal application form via fax, email, or mail. Should you have any
> questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Community
> Involvement Conference Coordinator, Lisa Gebler at
> or (301) 589-5318.
> 25th ANNUAL Indiana Water Resources Association SPRING MEETING
> Watershed Science, Management and Education on All Scales
> June 23-25, 2004
> Strongbow Inn and Conference Center - Valparaiso, Indiana
> The theme of the symposium is Watershed Science, Management and Education
> on All Scales, and is intended to include both surface and groundwater
> issues. The theme is designed to attract presentations on research
> projects, innovative management schemes, and educational projects related
> to watersheds of all sizes, from the smallest catchment to Great Lakes
> basins. Papers may be presented on this years theme, or other topics
> relevant to Midwestern water resources.
> Abstracts for both presented papers and posters are encouraged. Deadline
> is March 5, 2004. Electronic submissions are preferred. Electronic
> abstracts should be in Microsoft Word format, and submitted via e-mail (as
> an attachment), to
> 2004 National Monitoring Conference
> Building and Sustaining Successful Monitoring Programs
> May 17-20 Chattanooga, Tennessee
> Join us as we explore and share the experiences, expertise, lessons
> learned, innovations, and strategies
> that strengthen and sustain both the technical and institutional elements
> of our monitoring programs.
> The Chattanooga meeting will be the fourth National Monitoring Conference
> hosted by the National Water Quality Monitoring Council (NWQMC). Like its
> predecessors, the 2004 Conference will provide an outstanding opportunity
> to participate in technical programs and trainings, share successes,
> discuss issues, and network with our colleagues in the water monitoring
> community. The conference agenda will include plenary sessions,
> workshops, paper presentations, posters, exhibits, facilitated
> discussions, field
> trips, and informal networking opportunities.
> The Council has developed a monitoring and assessment framework that
> describes a sequence of steps that produce and convey the information
> necessary to understand our water resources. This conference will weave
> together several themes related to the framework including changing
> expectations of monitoring, new and emerging technologies, collaborative
> efforts, data and information comparability, and sharing results and
> successes.
> If you have additional questions about the conference, contact the 2004
> Monitoring Conference Coordinator at or
> 410-356-8993.
> FEBRUARY 9-11, 2004
> The purpose of this conference is to bring together malacologists, lake
> ecologists, fisheries biologists, environmental educators, creative
> thinkers, practical planners, database/website designers and Great Lakes
> specialists. Together we will explore the existing knowledge of Great
> Lakes mollusks, their role in the ecosystem of the Lakes, the research
> needs that exist and how a citizen-science project might be designed to
> meet some of those needs.
> Great Lakes Mollusk Watchers is proposed as a new citizen-science project
> focusing on native mollusks of Lake Michigan. We propose counting the
> dead shells that wash up on the beach as an indicator of
> the presence and relative abundance of each species.
> The ultimate goal of Great Lakes Mollusk Watchers is to increase positive
> personal connections between people and the Great Lakes so that people
> will make decisions and act in ways to preserve and protect the
> quality and biodiversity of the entire Great Lakes ecosystem.
> For more information on this conference, including draft agenda and
> registration materials, contact
> Elma Thiele, ecologist and event coordinator at: Richardson Wildlife
> Sanctuary, Phone: 219-787-8983
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Lyn (Hartman) Crighton
> Hoosier Riverwatch Coordinator
> 317/541-0617


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