NANFA-- blue fish ridge
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 11:19:15 EST

thanks for the comments.
i cant believe how many visits the site has. some are mine fixing problems
but i did not know so many folks are on the list. wow.
lurkers must out weigh yackers.
last night i was fooling w/ the cabinet pic... trying to make it smaller to
download quicker. the server kept using the first image so i had to learn how
to reach out and delete it. yeow... this stuff is tricky. anyway that is why
the image was blank for awhile.
ive got the links working right and added one to nanfa's tennessee site which
has several trip reports and some with photos.
ive also moved the 10 gallon aquarium stand photos and specs to another page
which is accessed by a link.

thanks klaus for the link advice... it works now. i wish you had stopped by
when you passed through. ive been yearning to head south for some time now.
cheesy bill... hyperlink :) you must be using cut (ctr c ) and paste (ctr v )
remember? :) i sure had a nice time w/ you in yellville. !
dustin... you might get back... but my guess w/ a new baby and all the work
ahead prepping for the sc nanfa conference you will be close to home for a long
time! :)
gee off... the ( jungle ) val established itself in the riffle run
unknowingly last year. it was very lush by the end of the summer. i plan on
transplanting some to the top pool... i think it is the only plant that will be able to
survive there due to the massive turbulance of the pump's outflow. so a german
is coming? maybe we can muck and dip him in a few places.

thanks for the comments from those that responded. i need the input to get
this running well. i will be learning and tweaking the site over the holidays.
Merry Christmas! i will post a note after ive made substantial additions. im
looking forward to spring so i can get some nice greens in the pics.

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