Re: NANFA-- pond pump
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 10:15:16 EST

my cement pond waterfall pump.
Beckett " Big Versa" 3900 gph ( at a 1' lift ), 700 watts, 7.1 amps
very powerful... it really blasts out the water.

700 watts x 24 hours = 16800 watts per day.
16800 x 30 days = 504000 watts per month = 504 kilowatts per month ( a
kilowatt is 1000 watts )
504 kilowatts x .064 cents per kilowatt = $ 32.256 per month added to my
electric bill.

is this math and formula correct?

a bit of an ouch but still less than a typical dining out meal for my family.
and it keep the 18' x 36' pool crystal clear.
ive been told a large sand filter swimming pool pump can add $75 bucks to
your power bill per month during swimming season. now that is a bigger ouch!

i hear of energy efficent pumps and would urge anyone considering to buy a 24
/ 7 pump to research them. for additional cost up front they may quickly
recoup that cost over several months.
does anyone know of particular energy efficent pumps, brands or models?
it may be worthwhile for me to "upgrade".

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