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>Dear Dr. Huner,
>On behalf of the North American Native Fishes Association, I'd like to
>invite your participation in our Association of professionals, hobbyists,
>fisheries biologists, etc. in the most interesting field of native aquatic
>life native to North America, including all genera of aquatic life as area
>of interest to our members. Please see our website at: .
>I think that you'll find NANFA to have a variety of interests ranging from
>Adinia to Xyrauchen, of Procambarus to Pacificastacus, and any other
>of North American crawfish that you are an expert in the study of!
>I will be forwarding the latest copy of "American Currents", the flagship
>publication of the North American Native Fishes Association in the hopes
>that it will peak your interest in our group of aquatic-fanatics!
>Unbeknownst to you, I first became aware of your studies in the field of
>Crawfish back in about 1971-72. While working for South Central Bell, I
>a telephone-repair visit to your office on the campus of Southern
>in Baton Rouge, La. I observed several plastic tubs in which you were
>studying specimens of Procambarus clarkii and was impressed and also sorry
>that you were not present so that we could meet and talk about your
>Is there any definitive work in the field of North American crawfish
>that one could use as a field guide, ala the Peterson books?
>There are many dwarf species that are quite unique and would fit into the
>home aquaria. I have been maintaining and propagating a species of dwarfs
>since last June, and find them to be a welcomed addition to my aquariums!
>Bruce Scott, of NANFA, has regularly propagated them and introduced me to
>these fascinating species of dwarf crawfishes.
>NANFA will be holding its annual convention in Jackson, Mississippi in
>August of 2000, please make plans to join us and I extend an invitation for
>your attendance as a speaker! We would be thrilled to have you knowledge at
>our 5th annual meeting!
>Of course; being from Plaquemine, Louisiana, I know how to treat a 40 pound
>sack of Procambarus clarkii ! Water temperature about 212 degrees, plenty
>of salt and spices and lots of potatoes and onions and corn on the cob! And
>of course, the obligatory six-pack of beer for the cook! C'est ce bon!
>Best Regards,
>BG Granier
>608 Maureen Dr.
>Baker, LA 70714

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