NANFA-- AL collecting, & fish damage

Bruce Stallsmith (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 01:33:17 EST

Like Dave said, a crazy week in Alabama for running around. I kept 4
_Fundulus dispar_ from the collecting expedition in Cypress Pond, in
Tuscaloosa County, AL, off of the Black Warrior River. I've never
electrofished before, certainly not for killifish, but it works great in
swamps. The sheer diversity of fishes we collected in one pond in about 2
hours was impressive, especially centrarchids, about 20 species all told.

My only fish attack experience involves Pumpkinseeds, _Lepomis gibbosus_. I
was collecting rocks covered with eggs from a nest in a pond south of Boston
7 years ago, when the guardian male attacked my hand and bit the tip of my
right index finger. I pulled my hand out of the water, and he hung on til he
was about a meter out of the water and then dropped off. It didn't hurt me,
since they don't have shearing teeth, but I was impressed by the sheer
bravado. He was a big Pumpkinseed at about 15 cm. This well-defined behavior
is one of the reasons that Pumpkinseeds are one of my favorite fish.

I'll decline the presentation of a purple tom. . .

--Bruce Stallsmith

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