NANFA-- NAS fish species listings
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:24:22 EST

I'm wondering about the validity of the NAS statement that green sunfish are
not native to Michigan and are not even found there as an exotic ; and that
blackstripe topminnows ( Fundulus notatus ) and banded killifish ( Fundulus
diaphanous) are native to Michigan. My Audubon Society field Guide states
otherwise on all 3 species and other sources I have read agree. On top of
this I have caught a sunfish that conforms in all respects to the body
dimensions, features, and coloring of green sunfish. On other occasions I
have caught sunfish that have some or all of the green sunfish features. I
also have never seen or heard of any killifish inhabiting Michigan, at least
not the Lower Peninsula. The closest thing that we have in appearance is the
central mudminnow, at least from what I've seen or read. One thing I forgot
too, I'm wondering if the orange-spotted sunfish naturally occurs in MI like
NAS says it does. The few sources I've read on the internet say otherwise. I
would ask them myself but I'm already asking them about short-finned squid
(Illex illecobrocus) occurring as an exotic species in Michigan, which I just
cannot believe since I don't think that any cephalopods can survive in
freshwater and I don't know of any bodies of saltwater. Yet incredibly they
state this. I'm still waiting for a reply from them and am hesitant about
asking them too many questions about what animal species (exotic and native )
are supposed to be in MI as it seems to suggest that I think they don't know
what they're talking about. Plus I wanted NANFA's input on this, because I
think that the more sources I hear from the better chance I will have of
being able to decide whether or not these species are here, and I respect
NANFA members' knowledge.
Just tryin' to figure out what's here and what ain't
Richard Hopper

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