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<< The modern liberal's idea of the former consists entirely of the latter
:-( >>
I agree with you completely on that one! Organizations like PETA seem to be
more interested in plentiful animals like lab rats, rabbits dogs, and cats.
The only other exception seems to be circus animals.Otherwise they seem to be
oblivious to ecosystems and the more endangered animals that live in them.
This could be put down to the fact that they could be viewed as a "niche
organization" that has to concentrate its efforts on one aspect of the
betterment of the animal kingdom,i.e. the perception of animals as creatures
worthy of life and respect, but I wonder if it has something more to do with
an innate desire to preach to people and seem to be morally superior and more
intelligent since these type of beliefs are becoming more p.c. among many
pseudo-intellectuals. I've been acquainted with many individuals of this type
and most of them are shallow, cynical , elitist, misanthropic (just the sort
of qualities every humanitarian needs,eh? )individuals who seem like they
would go along with whatever social attitude seemed to be chic. Just goes to
show that even morals can be a commodity to be exploited to make someone seem
like they're the caring intelligent people that they're not. I'm sure that
these people think more about issues than the average person in the street
but this doesn't really matter anyone can read some propaganda and adopt
every aspect of it into their philosophy unquestioningly (that hardly
involves much thought ). The only purpose that their "beliefs" seem to serve
is to cater to their ego, make them seem superior in the eyes of others, and
give them a vehicle with which to judge others on the basis of how much their
beliefs and practices differ from themselves so that they can belittle them.
There are some individuals that have a genuine interest to help improve the
lot of their fellow beings which is how different organizations like that got
started but a few exceptions to the rule do not define the movements like
this as a whole, which are corrupt with ideology bandwagon-jumpers that could
actually care less about the issues at hand. These people will save lab rats
by protesting in front of a corporation headquarters and let an endangered
species in their backyard die out because it is a less high-profile issue. I
think thathtese people probably just enjoy preaching to "rednecks" telling
them they shouldn't hunt or fish and destroying businesses so that they can
seem "cool" and be rebels. They just enjoy pointing the finger at people and
telling them what to do because most of them have psychological issues like
feelings of inferiority or an egocentric way of thinking. As far as the big
picture goes, I think that they're generally useless to animals insofar as
what they really need, which is a suitable habitat to thrive in.

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